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ClassDojo Is Changing The Classroom Atmosphere

Published / by Alice

ClassDojo was developed to change the classroom atmosphere from the ground up by making it possible for teachers, students and parents. The ClassDojo application software was designed to allow students, teachers and parents to communicate throughout the school day using images, videos and messages. Progressive ideas such as personalized learning and SEL can also be adapted with great ease thanks to the innovative application.

The ClassDojo application allows school communities to become a close knit unit that collectively work on making the school platform a better place to learn and children to thrive. ClassDojo is a very fast growing platform that is loved by many around the globe in more than 180 different countries. Alone in the United States it is being used by more than 2/3 of the school systems.

The ClassDojo application was originally developed by a group of educators, designers and engineers from around the world. Some of these professionals come from industries such as Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Y Combinator and Dropbox. Where others are from charter and public schools. This clashing of real world understanding with innovative technology has made ClassDojo so effective in changing the education platform. Education is made a lot more fun and current through the ability to share with the entire community.

The applications unique features allow students to learn very important skills such as persistence and teamwork. The ability to share videos and photos of moments in the classroom lets parents engage in the atmosphere without being physically present. Children using the ClassDojo application have shown to have a more positive outlook on education while enjoying the experience. This makes it easier for the parents and teachers to provide an atmosphere of learning and creativity.

ClassDojo also lets the user connect with other users. For example if teachers want to contact parents, they can do so directly through the application software. No more having to know telephone numbers. Simply connect via the application. If there are any class announcements the teacher in charge can distribute them via the application and ensure that all in the community have the necessary details. This saves on paper and printing as well as time and effort. Another great feature is the immediate translation of messages into over 25 different languages. This is great for those in the community who understand better in their mother tongue.


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Talk Fusion Lives Up To Its Name

Published / by Alice

Communication has become more streamlined in modernity than perhaps in any other time in human history, baring an advanced sunken civilization vis-a-vis Atlantis. Communication continues to revitalize itself over time, and one of the reasons that happens is modern political climates across independent nation-states have made citizen development of technology for use in a corporate climate possible. In a feudalism or authoritarian socialist regime, technological advances don’t usually happen as quickly. But in America, one man can change the whole world just by going after a solution no one has tackled yet. In this case, that man was Bob Reina.

In 2007 Bob Reina wasn’t trying to change the world. In fact, he wasn’t trying to change anything; he was just trying to send an e-mail with a video embedded inside. He couldn’t figure out how to make that happen, and when he called America Online, he was told what he wanted wasn’t possible. Now, in a society with strictures on freedom, what Bob did next probably wouldn’t have been thinkable. But Bob was in the right place and the right time, so he was able to commission an IT friend to develop software technology that would allow a video to become embedded in an e-mail. The two were successful at their endeavor, and as of 2016, Talk Fusion can boast influence in some one-hundred and forty separate countries.

Talk Fusion is also continuously developing the technologies at its disposal. Recently they’ve come out with a proprietary, patent-pending high definition video chat application that is so popular it’s topped the charts in Indonesia, and become the fifth most popular video chat app in Japan. Talk Fusion is offering a thirty day free trial of their technology, and the trial does not require any credit-card information. Things like that are what have boosted Talk Fusion into membership with the DSA, or Direct Sales Association: they’ve got enough confidence in their product to take a loss on a new client for a month.

Lastly, Talk Fusion’s options are available on Android, Macintosh, and Windows systems; as well as on a variety of tablet operating systems.