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Dr. Mark McKenna the Brains Behind OVME

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When Dr. Mark McKenna was interviewed he had this to say about the origination of the idea of OVME. It came from the working at aesthetics industry for a period that exceeds 10 years. He went on to grow his practice and became one of the largest providers of the service in America and in the process, he noticed a lot of the opportunities to interrupt the industry.

Concerning the structure of his day, he said that he wakes up at 6: 30 AM, then he wakes up his daughter whom they have breakfast together. He leaves for work at 8 AM until 6 PM in the evening when he goes back home to have dinner with the family. He then heads to Jiu Jitsu where he trains till 9 PM and returns home where he works until he falls asleep.

About realization of the ideas, he said that he sets goals that are achievable and practice conception. Additionally, he opts to meditate at least once a day. The combination of the meditation and setting attainable goals is what brings him success.

Dr. McKenna believed that most of the time he had been doing his own work thus he had never been employed. He further said that if he had to begin a fresh, he would spend more time to find his passion at a tender age. He further explained that he was in a hurry to complete school, thus he did not complete somethings well.

In the matter of the growth of his business, Dr. Mark McKenna said that surrounding himself with influential people have been instrumental in his growth.

Dr. Mark graduated from the University of Tulane, medical school. After graduating, he began practicing medicine with his father at the same time he was setting up McKenna investments. In 2007, he relocated to Atlanta where he established ShapeMed and later was sold to Life Time Fitness in 2014. Dr. McKenna served as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness for two years, then later in 2017, he became the CEO as well as the founder of the OVME.

The Success of Dr. Jennifer Walden in Manhattan and Austin

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Dr. Jennifer Walden has become one of the most successful surgeons in the United States. She is one of the top female plastic surgeons in Texas, and she has been proving that women have a voice in the surgery field even though she is a minority.

There are not a lot of women that are taking on the role of a plastic surgeon. This is what makes Dr. Jennifer Walden unique, but it also shows that she is someone that has been able to build a successful practice regardless of the odds that were against her.

What many people may find that is highly impressive about Dr. Walden is the fact that she started a successful practice twice. The first time Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews that she did this was in Manhattan. This is where she initially started her business. As time progressed Dr. Walden would become a very successful plastic surgeon in Manhattan that would go on to co-author books and win awards for her expertise in the area of cosmetic surgery.

As time went on Dr. Jennifer Walden would find that there was a desire to connect with her family from her native city of Austin, Texas. Click here to know more.

This desire to connect with her family gave Dr. Walden a chance to move back to Texas and start a practice in this area.  Dr. Walden on YouTube.

She has continued a successful track record with a whole new practice that continues to provide patients with rhinoplasty and breast augmentation services. These are two of the most popular procedures that her clients have, but that is only a portion of what Dr. Jennifer Walden does. She puts a lot of emphasis on finding the right technology that makes many of her procedures less invasive. She is a fan of implementing the newest technology in cosmetic surgery.