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Tips for Having a Stress-Free Party

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The Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC that greets its customers with style and glamour. The company takes care of the planning and set design of your corporate meeting or a romantic evening all the same. The strive for perfection and attention to the smallest details deliver guaranteed results and happy customers. The knowledge of how to make events special and the creative inspiration deliver to you an unforgettable event.


The company covers a wide range of events, including weddings, charity fundings, parties and corporate events. As the leading corporate event planners in NYC, the Twenty Three Layers company shows its talent in organizing not only social events but also professional business meetings.


The services that the company provides include catering, venue selection, floral design, entertainment, photography, custom printing, styling, workshops, lighting, branding, production, and fabrication.


The party planners at Twenty Three Layers know that it does not have to cost you your health stressing over party preparations. For this, they have given a few tips to achieve a stress-free party and actually enjoy the event.


  1. The first thing is to plan early-on, about a month before the event. Making a checklist of the things that need to be done, up until the guests arrive, is a must.


  1. Get organized with the list. Lists can be categorized so that each type of activity is on a separate list.


  1. Creating a theme is important for the event to make it more special depending on the type of event taking place.


  1. Send out the invitations. Paper invitations give a special anticipation for the event.


  1. Provide a self-serving bar. In this way, the guests can make their own mix of drinks depending on their own tastes. Everyone is happy and you are not responsible if someone does not like your choice of drinks.


  1. Keep the appetizers simple. This allows the guests to try different flavors. It helps to make things from ready ingredients that are bought from the market.


  1. If the gathering involves family, then providing a table for the kids is a life-saver. The separate area for the children will give the adults space to communicate with each other, while the children play together.


  1. Stick to simplicity. Sometimes, combining a few simple accessories to the setting is enough to have a stylish event without breaking the bank.


  1. Most important of all – stay relaxed and calm. You are the host and as such your job is to enjoy the event and make guests feel welcome.


Choosing an Event Planner in NYC is as Simple as Calling the Ladies of Twenty Three Layers

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In a recent article appearing on The Balance, a website that is devoted to helping make life easier, advice was given on how to hire an event planner in 15 easy steps. Indeed, hiring an event planner is one of the most important decisions that a person can undertake. When planning an event, it is essential that everything be planned out and prepared exactly and precisely to ensure that the event goes off smoothly and the desired outcome is achieved be that fun, entertainment or information distribution. Every event from a wedding to a new product launch should utilize an event planner to make sure that it goes well.

Of course, in order to get the right event planner, you do need to undertake some basic steps. One of the first is deciding what kind of even that you are planning and narrowing your list of possible planners down to ones that have experience in that area. You should also determine your reason for hiring a planner and what kind of budget that you have for your event. Now that you have the basic idea of what you can and want to do its time to source event planners to select from.

The best places to source from are your local chamber of commerce, professional affiliation networks and even recommendations from associates or friends who have had to use a planner for similar events in the past. You should be prepared to interview at least three planners and have a rough idea of what you want to do when you sit down with them. Many times, the process will sort itself out and you will find the right planner organically without having to even put forth a lot of effort. Choosing an event planner can often be a simple matter of “just knowing when you sit down to talk to them.

Lastly once you have decided on the one who is best for you, make sure that you hammer out all the terms and negotiate for the best price. Get everything in writing. Just as there are no small details that can go missed when planning an event, it is essential that there be none when you are working out your hiring agreement with the planner. You should also understand that this is not and should not be a turn key situation. You will need to be prepared to work closely with the planner at every stage of the planning process right up till the moment that the doors of your event open and during the event itself to make sure that everything goes smoothly though till the end.

For those who are needing to select one of the many event planning companies in NYC, the choice of the best event planner is simple. Twenty Three Layers is a premier event planning service that specializes in making sure that your event goes off without a hitch no matter what the focus or size. They are headed by Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman, & Lindsay Hayden, Twenty three layers boats relationships with some of the most sought after designers, restaurants, and venues in event planning.

Twenty Three Layers offers a worry free event planning option to those who want to create a memorable event without the hassle and time of micro-managing everything. They offer an all in one solution to those who want premium service and top notch personal care from a team that is committed to making sure that even the smallest detail is treated like the most important thing in the world. For those who want to hire event planners in NYC, the choice is clear, Twenty Three Layers is the choice for excellence.