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Learning About The Fagali’I Airport

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The Fagali’I Airport has 1 terminal and a small single airstrip. It is the second busiest on the Upolu Island. The main one is the Faleolo International Airport, located 21 miles to the west. However, there are several flights from Fagali to Faleolo daily.

Some people choose to fly into the Fagali Airport for various reasons from business to adventure. Some prefer the adventure of descending among the rainforests on a twin-engine aircraft according to Others have business in the area and this airport is more convenient and cheaper than taking a bus or a cab from Faleolo to this side of the island.

The Fagali’I airport has an asphalt-paved airstrip that stretches 2,267 feet in length, perfect for accommodating 8-passenger twin engine aircrafts that land there daily. It also has a customs booth, small shop, luggage-load area, washroom, lounge area, and a ticket counter.


Back in 2002 the airport was a grass strip, but after the asphalt was applied and some rules were put in place, the Fagali Airport was back in business. It closed in 2005 after some controversy. Local villagers would often complain about the pollution in the air the planes were causing, and loud noises from the engines. But after much negotiation between the Samoan Government and the Polynesian Airlines an agreement was established and the airport was reopened in 2009 according to

Departing passengers will be met with a sufficient number of cabs that will take them anywhere on the island. From Fagali to the center of Apia is a 5-minute ride. This is where all the resorts, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, food markets, and shopping areas are located.

The airlines that offer flights to the Fagali’I Airport are the Samoan Airways, which is owned by the Polynesian Airlines, and the Talofa Airways. The flights are to Pago Pago (30 minutes) and Tongatapu (over 1 hour and 30 minutes).

Why Choose Apia?

Apia is the capital of Samoa on Upolu Island. It is small enough to explore by foot. The island is breathtakingly beautiful, small and tranquil. There are yoga tours in the rainforest and on the sandy beaches. Moreover, there are many water sports to take part such as scuba diving and snorkeling while exploring the underwater habitat of the Coral Sea.

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