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The Fabletics Brand Builds On Its Success As Amazon’s Main Rival

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The Online retail giant Amazon has been dominant in many different sectors over the course of the last three decades but is now facing one of its major tests in the challenge being presented by fashion and athleticwear retailer, Fabletics. Launched in 2013, Fabletics has built a loyal customer base by accepting many of the positive points created by Amazon such as the inclusion of customer reviews to inspire members of the Site to purchase the top-selling items. Fabletics is also going its own way in the retail industry by making sure the latest big data options are included in the brand which has become one of the fastest growing in the retail sector.


Members begin their journey with Fabletics by looking for the best possible ways of sourcing the clothes which will fit their lifestyle and exercise regimen. To aid its clients in developing a more active lifestyle, Fabletics uses big data to make sure its customers get the best option in exercise clothing which begins with the completion of a lifestyle quiz which takes only a few minutes and provides a few early recommendations for clothing; Fabletics does not solely rely on the lifestyle quiz but instead set out to tweak clothing recommendations based on the choices made by a customer over the course of their membership.


One area Fabletics has looked to improve over the course of its first years in operation is its last-mile service which founding partner, Kate Hudson played a major role in developing. One of the areas Fabletics believes can make a major difference to the work it is completing is the development of a high-quality customer service department designed to ease every aspect of the experience members enjoy through the company.


Amazon is being rivaled by Fabletics largely because of the influence of Kate Hudson, the “Almost Famous” actress who has taken her first steps into business as part of the Fabletics brand. Fabletics founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler invited Hudson to join the brand while in the planning stages as they believed she reflected the outgoing, happy, active lifestyle the company was hoping to inspire in others. As part of the work of Kate Hudson, the award-winning actress has spent a large amount of her time learning about budgets and customer service options to ensure the brand continues its incredible rise in the Online retailing sector.

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Fashion And Technology Working Together

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Technology in our current age is something that has made its way into every part of our lives. When we walk outside in the city surrounding us technology is embedded everywhere, from the chemical structures of our roads to the electronic functions of city lights, the things we depend on day in and day out are powered by technology. This same fact can be seen in the social scene of our lives. For example, people used the boombox as a way to create a social environment with others. Then technology advanced and we were able to make this device into a smaller compact player called the mp3 player and later into the iPod.


These kinds of advancements have also made their way into the fashion scene as technology’s reach becomes wider. A simple example of this is the new kinds of fabrics that companies have found and now implement into clothing. This is a huge thing in sports clothing, with things like more breathable clothing and others that give a wicking effect for sweat has allowed athletes to conquer new challenges and reach a higher level of play. Technology can also be seen taking the place of other kinds of things in our world to give a more fashionable replacement. A great example of this is the new necklace for bikers that can take the place of a helmet. The device has an airbag system in it so when a biker crashes this is deployed and serves as the helmet for the cyclist. This in turn, allows bikers to not have to deal with bulky helmets and gives them a fashionable alternative.


According by Chris Burch Technology has also been seen in our world today as a shaping force for new trends in fashion. The new incorporation of technology into our attire has brought back things that were once thought as nerdy into the fashion spotlight. The new Google glasses are a great example of this, glasses being something that many did not find very fashionable, but are now taking a second look at now. These kinds of influences from technology and the way that the fashion world have taken them show that the two work in tandem with each other. The two are intertwined, with each of their fields influencing the other.