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Human Rights and the Frontera Fund of Lacey and Larkin

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Groups that advocate for civil rights, human rights, and migrant rights are abundant today. They all have their reasons for being in that field. Most people consider them to be created for good reasons. Few people consider that there could be a self-serving reason for creating them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were accused of creating the Frontera Fund to help clear their name after being named as enablers of human traffickers. The story is interesting.

It all started where, which the two were the founders of. had been accused of enabling sex workers to panhandle children in the sex trade. They were charged with this role and had the fallout of the whole drama, fall at their feet. After all of that failed to go through, the two sued the police for all of that and won. That money was used to create the Frontera Fund to help people that need legal assistance during human rights cases.

The implications were that they should have intervened and stopped the sex workers from being able to get through the site. Instead, the investigation found that the posting site was actually giving tips on how to post phone numbers in a way to beat the system and allow a phone number to be listed. During the investigation, all of that had occurred. That was more than suspicious. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The two had lawyers which argued that they were simply trying to enforce the right speak freely online and protect that right. The victim’s lawyers claimed that Larkin and Lacey should have stopped the ability to post any adult ads to further protect the victims.

The prosecution was basically alleging that the two had been enablers of the crime and that by default, were just as guilty of the crime as the “Johns.” Outraged, the two did not even go to the hearing until they were forced by court order to attend the hearings. Obviously, this has been a big problem and quite a scene for all of the parties involved.

Still, through all of this, Lacey and Larkin both funded a human rights company that help those that need legal representation. That group is their Frontera Fund. It will be quite a ride until this whole case is resolved and everyone feels that justice has been served. The victims especially feel a need for this justice, considering they all have expressed that they lost their childhoods to the sex crimes committed on against them as children.

Human rights and any right is a fundamental part of being in a free country. Everyone should have theirs enforced. The problem is an age-old question. “Where do your rights end and mine begin?” It is always analyzed as being a balancing act which requires that nobody has more than the other.

That seems like a great place to start the process of both healing and enforcing human rights for both groups. Then perhaps the Frontera Fund will be better regarded by the people that feel that the entire project is a joke.

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