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What it Takes to be a Real Estate Firm in New York

Published / by Alice

It is all systems go for Re/Max as it readies itself to re enter the New York real estate market. It is in the final stages, having appointed Terri Bohannon who it tasked with assembling a marketing team. Like all franchises Re/ Max intends to make contact with local entrepreneurs who will operate using its business name. Of all the states in US New York has proved to be a challenging market. Re/Max has prospered in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England commanding a sizable market.

The city of New York has a very aggressive market and requires relentless advertisement. Re/Max founder Dave Linger stated normal advertisements and branding methods may not work in New York. It requires a specialized team that has worked in that kind of environment before. Some firms that have used this strategy and succeeded are; Keller Williams New York, Rutenberg Realty, Bond New York and Town. These firms have realized that conducting their kind of business in New York they have to compromise on profit and offer better working conditions.

These firms appreciate the fact that in order to get good results their contractors must be motivated. For instance Rutenberg Realty goes the extra mile of providing office equipment and stationery. They are interested in self conscience people who will make money for the franchise. Running a real estate franchise needs objectivity and recognizing the needs of your contractors and their customers.

Town Residential is a real estate brokerage firm located in New York. It commands a large market segment share. Being new in the market is always challenging but Town Residential seems to have taken it in one stride and has provided better housing solutions than any other real estate firm in New York.

Town Residential offers customized housing needs such as houses in particular neighborhoods. Good business practices and strict ethics have defined Town Residential. It believes in client satisfaction and handling of its clients professionally. Its founder Andrew Heiberger has a lot of experience when it comes to residential brokerages having worked in the sector for a long time. Hence he has passed his knowledge and expertise to the company.