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Fine Dining for Your K-9

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America is a country of pet lovers; it is not uncommon to see people sitting at a dinner table and sharing their scraps with Spike. Add to this that America has become a nation more concerned with food being healthy and preservative free while maintaining its palatability, and you have the factors that are the driving force behind the United States’ new fascination with gourmet pet food. It is estimated that gourmet pet food now makes up over 50% of the pet food industry with much of the grub being delectable enough for human consumption. Blueberries, strawberries, lamb, turkey and real grilled hamburger can all be found in different brands of dog food.
Purina seems to be leading this charge into healthy gourmet meals for the pooch with its Beneful line of food products. They offer eight varieties of dry food, and a wopping 20 different types of wet food to satisfy your dog’s taste buds, appetite, and immune system. While dry dog food has always been considered the “less savory” of the two, that may no longer be the case with Beneful‘s line of dry dog food products. They offer on twitter real salmon, real chicken, real beef and egg; even the pickiest dogs could fall in love with choices like these. If you want that special four-legged member of your family to get his veggies as well, then Beneful makes that just as possible with its myriad of wet foods to choose from. Imagine your dog enjoying a Mediterranean style meal with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice and spinach, are you jealous yet? How about chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice for dinner? That’s not for you by the way; this is all for that four-legged friend of yours. The canine race is man’s best friend, and the new trends in gourmet food speak to that truth and then some, as now Rover can eat just like one of the family. There are even organic foods for him that can be found in Whole Foods if you want to keep everything all naturale. Now, it seems that when it comes to food, the only thing that humans still have that dogs don’t is restaurants, and even that may not be too far off.