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Weighing In On Narrowing The Educational Gap With Rocketship Schools

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The school system of today is characterized by a broad educational difference in achievement, especially in low-income communities. However, parents appreciate the efforts made by Rocketship Schools, a nonprofit organization that facilitates the establishment of schools in such communities, since they always find a way to bridge this gap.

Regardless of whether the company does this by improvising emergency funds to offer safety nets for children and parents who are rendered homeless by natural disasters or by connecting the touch points to change a student who is continuously assigned remedial classes and summer schools to graduate at esteemed university or college, they will find it.

In the instance where a Mexican immigrant family has their Rocketship school operating in San Jose, the organization helps them as well as many other rocketship families who had their homes ruined. These houses were wrecked by floods when water from the Coyote Creek burst its banks and ran into the surrounding houses. This surge acts as a reminder in the minds of many how things can change with no warning and without being expected. As a result of the calamity, many shared in the plight and were ordered to vacate the homes or premises by use of boats provided by disaster and emergency teams.

Rocketship operated close to 20 schools in three states and Washington, D.C and responded in action once the community suffered the loss of homes, furniture, and food to the flood. The people were in need of makeshift housing, paying for insurance deductibles and food, clothing among other household items. The foundation came up with a way for helping the parents of Rocketship students, who are called Rocketeers by networking with the Catholic Charities. It ended up raising $62,000 through an agency that aids communities to deal with disasters.

This action enabled to provide essentials for close to 30 families, and thus they could go to work as usual and continue with their lives. Besides restoring the livelihoods of families, the Rocketship schools even empower the students through the teachers specializing in critical studies and also familiarize the teachers with the families of the students, so they can receive personal instructions they need to excel.