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Norka Luque Makes a Difference With Her Music

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Music is an important human function. Without it, mankind cannot function properly. The society has always relied on music composed by different people to find a meaning in life. Even if it is through the lyrics or the instruments, many people have found a solace to their problems. Unlike many modern artists, Norka Luque identifies with the generic importance of music. When other artists think about money and fame in music, Norka Luque thinks about how she can create a positive impact on people.

Her musical journey started when she was a little girl. Her parents gave her the support she needed to enhance her musical skills. She got the chance to practice in good music schools in Venezuela. She became perfect and ready to become a star.

However, Norka Luque chose a different path as far as her career is concerned. Maybe her decision was influenced by the fact that making a breakthrough in music is difficult. She joined a university in France to study business administration. However, she did not stop making music. At school, Norka formed a band. She could perform in different events around the university.

It was at this time in the university when Norka got a call from Emilio Estefan, a music mogul in Venezuela. She has excited that her work attracted the attention of one of the most respected music producers in Venezuela. Norka worked with several artists under the leadership of Emilio. She managed to produce several tracks. Her track “Miracle” topped Venezuelan music charts for 14 weeks in a row. Norka became a music sensation in the country and performed on big stages including the Billboard events.

Besides being a musician, Norka is an entrepreneur. She has her own music company called NorkaMusic. NorkaMusic has its headquarters in Miami, FL and operates as a music label. Her company acts as an incubator for several upcoming Latino artists who are still struggling to gain dominance in the competitive music industry in US. Norka is currently working on a new song “Milagro.” The song will be produced by her own label under the guidance of Emilio Estefan.

Despite struggling with ill health, Norka as always kept her musical career alive. She is not affected by external factors meant to drag people down. She is a strong woman who works hard to achieve her dreams. She is a role model and a mentor to many young people in Venezuela and the United States.

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