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How Francisco Domenech Uses His Law Background In Politics

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Francisco Domenech is a Puerto Rican lawyer who has been in political circles throughout the course of his professional career. While he was born in 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he spent most of his youth in the state of Florida. After graduating from Forest High School he became a student at the University of Puerto Rico. He earned a political science degree and then started attending this university’s School of Law. He has a Juris Doctor that he earned in 2003.

In 2005 he was appointed as the director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. In this position, Francisco Domenech managed a budget of $10 million and oversaw a staff of 120 people. He created a summer program for the Tomas Bonilla Legislative library which had 100 interns and also expanded access to this library for people who are blind and/or physically impaired. Read this article at

He now manages a bipartisan government affairs boutique called Politank. This organization helps businesses who need legal help in navigating the laws and regulations of Puerto Rico. He was able to hire some high-level people at Politank such as former Senate President Kenneth McClintock, who had also been Secretary of State, and Guillermo San Antonio-Acha who had at one time been the Legal Counsel to the Governor of Puerto Rico.

Francisco Domenech can often be found on Puerto Rican television and radio programs talking about political affairs as a commentator. Among the media shows he has appeared on are Puerto Rico TV, El Nuevo Dia, andWapa America. The media outlets on this island also frequently quote what he has to say. He has also been recognized as one of the top young professionals in Puerto Rico. He made the 2016 40 Under 40 list and it is said that he was the top vote-getter.

He is also a philanthropist who has given money to a number of nonprofits both himself and through Politank. Among the causes he has financially supported are Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Clinton Foundation, TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund, and The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Visit:


Democracy and Sujit Choudhry

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Sujit Choudhry is an internationally respected professor and scholar whose is a renowned expert on constitutional law and politics. In particular, his life-long studies have investigated ways to create and maintain peace, constitutional design in divided societies, federalism, decentralization, and semi-presidentialism, check for a related reading. In addition, he often looks into various areas of justice, language policies, minority rights, and bills of rights. He has written extensively on all of these subjects. Canadian constitutional law is a particularly common subject in his writings.

In one of the chapters in a book he just finished he addresses a tweet sent out by Eric Holder, former Attorney General, in December 2017 ( He referred to a potential termination of White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller as “an absolute red line”, which, if actualized, should result in countless peaceful demonstrations in protest. The tweet was basically a call to action that declared the end result of this governmental action was in the hands of the people. He was saying that it needs to be the people of America who need to decide if a politician has, in fact, abused his authority.

In the chapter that dealt with this, Choudhry went into detail about the tweet was centered on the idea of constitutional self-enforcement with a particular focal point in view. Choudhry said that it was totally inappropriate for Mueller to perform something like this. But that was just one example of a focal point with the constitution in view. He says another focal point would be presidential term limits.

This is an appropriate focal point. It is a focal point that restricts presidents who may want to do away with it and stay in office longer than the prescribed two terms.

When politicians are going against a clear focal point like this, Choudhry says that is the time to call in the opinions of the citizenry. However, might also attempt to supersede the term limits be getting the permission from the populace first. Other ways he or she might do so might be by seizing power with the aid of the military or performing electoral fraud. Choudhry says there are several examples of constitutional focal point infringements going on throughout the nation right now. He says that all such infringements are a threat to true democracy (

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Bruno Fagali: Promoting Corporate Integrity And Compliance In Organizations

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Bruno Fagali is a renowned lawyer in Brazil who specializes in Administrative, Urban and Compliance Law. He helps both businesses and individuals who seek his legal counsel on various issues. Bruno Fagali has a strong command of the law where he has spent many years in the Private practice representing his clients in a court of law.

He is one of the Brazilian lawyers who understand the law to the letter and spirit. He is outspoken, intelligent and open-minded. The unique combination of these traits makes Bruno Fagali the best choice for many individuals and companies.

Bruno’s Fagali’s work
Bruno Fagali serves as a legal representative for people and companies. His main areas of expertise are Anti-corruption Law, Compliance, Administrative Law and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali will also step in to help his clients seeking legal counsel on risk management, mergers, and acquisitions, advising compensation committees among others.

His legal counsel has helped many individuals and companies in Brazil from being on the wrong side of the law. Currently, Bruno Fagali serves as Business Integrity officer of Novo/SB, a leading marketing agency in Brazil. Bruno has played a crucial role in streamlining various departments of the company to ensure transparency and compliance.

According to Bruno Fagali, compliance is one of the primary responsibilities of corporate governance. Compliance helps in detecting and treating cases of unethical conduct of employees and other top executives in an organization. Bruno Fagali is one of the lawyers who has been vocal about corporate integrity and compliance.

The government takes compliance with a lot of seriousness, and in 2013, the parliament enacted anti-corruption laws which call for the formulation of corporate integrity and compliance programs in organizations. The enactment of these laws put businesses and companies on notice since they can be penalized when they go against the law. Companies engaging in fraudulent deals in bidding, corruption, and formation of cartels risk severe punishment according to the law. Previously, only individuals could be punished by the law for such crimes.

About Fagali Law
Bruno Fagali was established with the primary aim of deepening knowledge of its staff regarding compliance and corporate integrity. Fagali Advocacy comprises of academicians who are highly qualified in Compliance, Anti-corruption Law, Public Law, Election Law, Parliamentary law, and advertising law and communication.

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Sujit Choudhry Discusses the Challenges Facing Ukraine

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Sujit Choudhry is a prominent lawyer who specializes in constitutional laws. The successful legal expert is currently serving the international community as the director of popular Center for Constitutional Transitions. For a long time now, the businessman has enjoyed a lot of success while serving in this position, and he has assisted millions of people who are in search of the right constitutions for their communities. The law professor has assisted many governments to identify the changes they can make to assist the needy communities in the society.

Just recently, Sujit joined several other influential constitutional experts in the international platform so that they could discuss some of the semi-presidential systems that have been adopted by the Ukraine government. The top experts wanted to educate the world about the challenges facing the system and how they can be avoided in the future. The show had several hosts who have top positions in Ukraine as well as international organizations. The event was a great success, and it managed to assist the experts who are looking forward to introducing changes in the international community.  Additional article on

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While speaking in the reputable show, the legal experts, led by Choudhry said that they were excited and at the same time privileged to have the opportunity to discuss the executive powers in Ukraine while in the presence of notable experts in the international community. During the event, Sujit explained that the democratization activities in Ukraine had not been stable for a while, and the country should do something so that the citizens can live in peace. According to Sujit, the instability in the country was brought by the high concentration of the power of the country president, very weak political parties and the legislature electoral system that has been in use for a long time.   To read about his published work, check on

Sujit Choundhry has brought a lot of positive changes in the international community while serving as a constitutional expert. The lawyer was fortunate to acquire his legal skills in some of the best institutions in the world, and he has managed to travel to various parts of the world. The expertise he has managed to accumulate has brought so many changes in the international community.  Refer to for more reading.

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Karl Heideck Provides A List Of Pennsylvania’s Weirdest Laws

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Legal topics often focus on serious issues. They explain governance, rights, and how resources should be distributed. However, there are a few strange laws that do not subscribe to this seriousness. Karl Heideck looks at some of the weirdest laws in Pennsylvania. For outsiders, such weird laws may sound like jokes. They will brighten the day of any individual.

The first group of these laws falls under marriage laws. According to, Karl posits that in the Keystone State, it is illegal to fire guns, cannons, or similar weapons in a wedding. Perhaps the state learnt from these kinds of celebrations the hard way. The state prohibits ministers from legalizing the marriage between two drinking partners.

The state of Pennsylvania grants every child the rights to have a bathroom within 200 feet of his or her bedroom. The kids must also be given access to nearby bathtubs and shower stalls. The law is meant to eliminate the need for children to walk long distances to the important facilities. Weirdly, parents with trailer and mobile homes are exempted from this rule.

Alcohol lovers are only allowed to buy hard liquor from government-run stores. The Liquor Control Board ensures the success of this law by providing the public with a list of Wine and Spirits shops near them. Presently, the state has 600 licensed sellers. A recent review of the law has also enabled supermarkets and restaurants to sell wine.

Guess which state also has laws dedicated to the use of paintballs? Yes, Pennsylvania! Unlike elsewhere, in this state, the public is protected from the annoyance that comes with someone shooting you with a paintball gun if you are not participating in the sport. In addition, the state punishes individuals who damage other people’s property while playing paintball. What is even funnier is that a section of the state’s laws are dedicated to how paintball enthusiast can carry the gun in their vehicles.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a Pennsylvanian contract attorney. The lawyer is listed by the Hire Counsel and is licensed to practice throughout the state. With over ten years of experience, Karl Heideck has vast knowledge on interpretation of law, research, interrogation, analyzing court ruling and negotiation.

The contract attorney is an alumnus of Swarthmore College where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Karl Heideck earned his law degree from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck offers innovative services, including advising on product liability, compliance consulting, employment proceedings, and commercial litigation.

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Sujit Choudhry Helped to Make Ukrainian Constitutional Decisions

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Sujit Choudhry is an expert at constitutions. He has been working hard at different constitutional aspects and that has helped secure his position as one of the best people for advice on the different things that people can do with a constitution. Sujit Choudhry knows a lot about the things that he can do with the constitution and he works hard to make things better for countries that are just starting to develop their constitutions. He has not only studied the constitution in the United States but has also learned that it is something that can be used around the world. He looks at the different effects that laws have on things and the way that they can change the world for different people. Because of everything that Sujit Choudhry has done for the law world, he knows that there are different things that will make the constitution in each country better.

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Recently, Sujit Choudhry focused on the constitution in the Ukraine. He wanted to help created it and felt that his input would be valuable for people who wanted to learn more about the options that they had for the constitution. He worked in combination with presidents and with other people who were trying to build the constitution. He was a law expert on it and he made sure that he had put his own input into it. When he was working with them, he gave advice based on experiences that he had with other constitutions and with the options that they had in their own countries. To read his insight and point of views on a current issue, click

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Since Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at Berkeley, he feels that it is his job to continue advising people on what they should do with their constitutions. Not only has he studied law but he has also studied constitutional law which dictates what constitutions are able to do in different areas of the country. Related article on   It also helps people have a better understanding of the options that they have when they are trying new things in their own areas. Since Sujit Choudhry knows a lot about that, he helps other people to learn the effects that laws have on their constitutional rights.  More to read on

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