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SEC Whistleblowers Should Come Forward

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The Securities Exchange Commission has an extensive staff that works very hard at making sure the financial industry remains honest. For those who veer outside the law and try to cheat the system, the SEC — alone with the Justice Department — steps in to take corrective matters. Both individuals and large companies have been levied with massive fines for illegal activities. Fines have even reached the millions of dollars. And then there are those whose actions were so egregious they landed in prison.

The SEC, no matter how much is budgeted for staffing and resources, is going to be limited in its actions. SEC agents cannot be everywhere. The agents are not capable of learning about activities that occur in private. Even if suspicions exist, deliberate actions are impossible to take without compelling evidence.

To help gather evidence, the SEC relies on whistleblowers in scores of different situations. A whistleblower can do a lot for the SEC. As a witness, the whistleblower could testify in court or in administrative proceedings. Whistleblowers may also be able to provide all-importance documentary evidence required for sufficient proof. And yes, a whistleblower could reveal activities the SEC totally knows nothing about. Again, the agency does rely heavily on whistleblowers to a great degree. Whistleblowers are the reliable insiders who play a necessary role in keeping the financial industry on the straight and narrow.

This is not to say people are automatically willing to come forward and speak publicly about wrongdoing. Whistleblowers are frequently quite fearful about what can happen to them if their identities are exposed. Retaliation is going to be the main concern of anyone who is contemplating coming forward. Lawmakers understand such a dilemma, which is why protections for whistleblowers were written into the landmark Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform legislation that emerged after the Great Recession.

Still, they may not even come forward even when the rewards to do so are generous. Yes, there are rewards for whistleblowing. Dodd-Frank stipulated it is possible to pay whistleblowers 10% to 30% of the recovered money.

Regardless, people still have fear. One way to overcome that fear is to simply procure the best legal representation available. No one should feel they have no legal options to explore when hoping to cast light on illicit financial activities. By hiring a whistleblower attorney, there is no reason to feel threatened. The attorney can help with every step of the process and, possibly, assist in procuring the deserved reward money.

The SEC Whistleblower Program Strengthened with the Enactment of 2010 Dodd-Frank Act

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Whistleblowers in the US and around the world have more reason to come forward to report possible violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is because of the sweeping changes provided for in the groundbreaking Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. According to the SEC Whistleblower Advocate, the act provides huge financial incentives, employment protections and allows anonymous reporting and for eligible persons who report violations. Whistleblowers will be eligible for more protection than ever before, since the act guarantees powerful anti-retaliation protections.

The act allows whistleblowers to sue the employer in the federal court, if they become a subject of retaliation. The law also disqualifies employers from taking such acts as demotion, harassment, suspension or any such action on whistleblowers who provide information to SEC. SEC Whistleblowers may also report possible violations of the securities anonymously, if represented by an attorney. The attorney must be on hand to verify the identity of the whistleblower before any submissions are made to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The monetary sanctions and awards authorized under the act permits the payment of monetary awards to people who report securities law violations.

Sec is mandated to make a payment of between 10 – 30% to eligible whistleblowers when a successful SEC enforcement action, whose sanction amounts to over $1 million, is enforced. Following the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act, Labaton Sucharow law firm became the first practice to exclusively start a practice dedicated to protecting and advocating for SEC whistleblowers in the US. The Whistleblower Representation Office includes a team of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants trained in federal and state law enforcement practices to ensure unparalleled representation. The team is led by the experienced former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel under the SEC Division of Enforcement office, Mr. Jordan A. Thomas.

The Whistleblower Representation Team at Labaton Sucharow can be contacted via email, phone and or electronic submission via the law office website. For over 50 years, the practice has kept in touch with changes in the market in order to meet the growing needs of its clients. According to Labaton website, the high standards of representation and grasp of market changes have seen the practice prosecute precedent setting securities class actions, which have led to the recovery of billions of dollars. Labaton Sucharow practice areas include securities, litigation, financial products and services, antitrust and competition and consumer protection.

Whistleblowers Are Free To Report Any Securities Violators As The Dodd-Frank Act Protects Them

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Through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, individuals shall be protected when they report any violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is worth mentioning that the Congress enacted this Act in 2010. It is considered as the most imperative piece of legislation in terms of financial regulations in the United States after the Great Depression. The new whistleblower program was established under the Dodd-Frank Act. Individuals that report any violations will be provided with financial incentives and employment protection.

The first law firm to engage in whistleblowers protection in the United States is Labaton Sucharow. Over the years, the firm has advocated and protected SEC whistleblower attorneys. The firm has employed the services of investigators who provide excellent whistleblower representation services. In addition, Labaton Sucharow has been working with forensic accountants having broad enforcement expertise in federal and state law as well as financial analysts. All these attributes have seen the law firm build unparalleled securities litigation platform. Jordan A. Thomas who worked in the division of enforcement at SEC, as the assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director, has played a pivotal role in developing the whistleblower program. As part of his role, he was involved in drafting the proposed legislation besides overseeing the final implementation rules.

Whistleblowers are eligible for 10-30% of the collections of monetary sanctions as provided by the SEC enforcement actions, especially where the sanctions are in excess of $1 million. In addition, the rules of the program provides that if the threshold is met, whistleblowers may receive additional awards based on the collection of the monetary sanctions that have been brought by varying law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The program rules prohibit any retaliation by employers against whistleblowers that file their reports with the SEC. Whistleblowers may report violations of the securities if an attorney represents them. This information was originally published on SEC Whistleblower Advocate as explained in the link below

If you are interested in requesting a case evaluation or learning more about the SEC whistleblower program, you may contact the whistleblower representation team through email and by telephone. You may also use the website. There are no charges for initial consultations or case evaluations. Through attorney-client relationship, all information is made confidential and protected. In the first consultations, a whistleblower is not required to avail personal identifying information or securities violators’ names. International whistleblowers may access translation services upon request.

Ross Abelow Represents You with Confidence and Good Taste

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New York City is home to many of the elite attorneys that are available to handle litigation and contracts for you. These attorneys undergo many years of study and education to perfect their chosen path. Attorneys that are working on litigation spend many hours in books and past cases, trying to work on the perfect and best approach to each case. These attorneys know the law and will do what they can to provide the best in legal representation.

Attorneys such as Ross Abelow work tirelessly on legal issues involving your family and your estate. If you are working on a will for yourself, Mr. Abelow is going to be one of the best avenues for you. He can help you write your wishes in legal terms so that there is no chance that anyone misunderstood your wishes.

Ross Martin Abelow graduated with a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. He concentrates on marital law, family law, and entertainment law. He is professional and networks with many different avenues to compete with the best in lawyers. The other lawyers from Lawyer Lighthouse have the same integrity and internal values to keep this firm high on the responsibility and dependability pole.

There are high profile cases hitting the news every day. This celebrity suing her spouse or the peeping Tom next door. These cases are the relevant and apparently high profile. Legal personnel rush to their defense and are all searching for the best defenses. If the attorney is unaware of the entertainment law, they may not be able to do the best job for the client. Someone like Ross Abelow is experienced and capable of handling these cases with the best of expertise. Ross works with families and other individual cases to provide them with the best in representation. He does not choose a celebrity case over someone else but he does do a great job at whoever he represents. Understanding the confidentiality and avoidance factors, Ross Abelow does his best to keep information under wraps until trial or court. He is not out for his own publicity. He is out to win your case for you.

It is important to choose the right type of lawyer to handle your case. Trial attorneys and criminal attorneys may not understand all of the paperwork that contract attorneys work with on a daily basis. Make sure to chose an attorney that is ready to work for you.

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