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The Role of The Manse on Marsh in Assisted Living

Published / by Alice

The vigorous nature of today’s world makes taking care of the aged members of the society a challenge. The aged are being seen more of a liability, with most people relegating their upkeep to caretakers. To step in this gap, lawyer Chris Skiff came up with the idea of opening a residential facility where the old can be taken care of by experts as they interact with people of their generation. The center provides incomparable services to the elderly in an apartment-style environment that is designed to improve their interaction with each other. Its main purpose was to provide a superior level of services to those who are aged.

The Facility

The Manse on Marsh has been in operation for more than fifteen years, within which it has catered for the needs of hundreds of senior citizens. The center has been widely recognized as one of the best facilities offering assisted living in the United States. It is located in the vibrant city of San Luis Obispo, California. This offers residents the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest in a dynamic, caring and friendly environment.  Something really highlighted on Twitter.

The safety of those living in the center is prioritized above any other thing. This explains why they are offered a variety of options, which ensures that they have a sense of independence in their decision making. Their privacy is also guaranteed because they are offered different accommodation alternatives. They can choose to live in studio apartments, one bedroom apartments or self-contained cottages. Residency is on a short term or long term basis. Regardless of the type of residency chosen, there is guaranteed access to all services availed at the facility.

Complementary Services

The center offers extra services which go a long way in ensuring the comfort of its clients. There are well trained residential medical caregivers, who are always on call twenty four hours a day. This ensures that the medical needs of everyone living in the facility are met. To ensure their well-being, members of staff go around the rooms checking on each resident. This is done at least five times a day. Those who opt to move in permanently are usually helped to sell their property. This ensures that they do not fall prey to fraudsters.

Fun activities are also arranged throughout the year to eliminate any boredom that might come about due to doing the same things every day. Activities that keep them busy include religious services, games, lectures and debates, fitness exercises and even yoga. These keep them engaged and go a long way in enhancing their lives. Due to its unmatchable services, the center is widely regarded as the best community for the aged in Central California. Residents together with their relatives have given it rave reviews, which is proof of its superiority.