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Quick Delivery,, High-tech Drones, Richard Liu

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Richard Liu Qiangdong attended Renmin University, in Bejing China. He majored in Sociology. Richard Liu founded in 2004. Focusing primarily on unique, upscale merchandise, took off in sales and popularity almost immediately. The company has over 500 warehouses, which holds millions of items.

David Rubenstein, interviewed Richard Liu at the World Economic Forum. During the interview, Mr. Liu explained, that the company has over 5 million items, at an turnover rate of over 30 days. Mr.Liu explained, the goal of the company is to have even more merchandise, at a turnover rate of 20 days. This simply means that the items will have 20 days to sold and removed from the warehouse. During the interview it was obvious to see that the Richard Liu had big plans for

As a Fortune 500 Company, has proven itself to be a serious competitor in the world of online retailer. The company has over 300 million active shoppers. Most of the shoppers purchase items via mobile phone. Actually 80% of all the orders that come in are by phone.

As the largest e-commerce retailer in China, has just about anything that a shopper may be looking for. Whther it’s cosmetics, electronics, or the hottest fashion when it comes to clothing. Items from the Banana Republic and Nike are just a few brands on

As with any online shopping network, the amount of time that it takes to deliver items are important. In China delivery time averages 6 hours. However, in rural parts of China it could take longer. This is why, Richard Liu, along with his colleagues have designed the JD Drone system. This system allows the merchandise that has been ordered to be dropped off at any JD dropoff station. Once the item is dropped off, the item will be attached to the drone. The drone will have only a few more kilometers to travel. This system will save the company and the customer time and money.

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The New Men’s Fashion Trend Is Shopping Online

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You’ve probably noticed that it is pretty hard to get the average man to go shopping for clothes or shoes. In fact, it takes a lot of pleading and begging to get your husband or boyfriend to join you on a shopping trip to the local shopping center. However, the tide is turning. According to an article that appeared on Business Insider, men are actually enjoying retail shopping online. The fact is that there are a number of perks associated with e-commerce shopping. For example, shipping is free, return policies are flexible, no crowds, no parking fees, and no long lines waiting for the sales clerk to ring up your purchase.

High Quality And Low Prices
The brick and mortar stores charge much higher prices for their clothing, shoes, and accessories. Certainly, this is due to their overhead. They have to pay the utilities, rent, and sales personnel. However, retailers discovered that they are able to charge lower prices online, while still offering customers high quality products at a lower price. Men that want a lower price suit or shoes are surfing the Internet looking for bargain prices, while others simply go online to their favorite e-commerce retail site. Certainly, Paul Evans has been serving up high quality shoes at lower prices. Other retailers are taking a chance and following this trend.

Paul Evans
Wear a pair of Paul Evans shoes, and style goes with you. A man wearing a pair of Paul Evans shoes is never overlooked. In fact, he stands out in the crowd. Paul Evans offers a fabulous line of hand crafted shoes and boots to discriminating men.

Paul Evans shoes are high quality, beautiful, and timeless. There is something magical that happens every-time that a man steps into a pair of Paul Evans shoes. You can see it in their face and the way they walk. That look on their face and walk is filled with confidence. Confidence that they are wearing the finest crafted Italian calfskin leather in the world. This is the same type of leather used in high end luxury products that costs thousands of dollars. A man that invests his money in a pair of Paul Evans’s shoes is investing in style that impacts his looks. Go here for more information on men’s fashion trends.