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A look at Gustavo Martinez’s Career History

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Gustavo Martinez is reputable and highly sought-after in the field of marketing and consulting. In the contemporary marketing and advertising space, finding a professional with creative juices and a long successful background is a challenge.

Martinez has been the marketing and advertising industry for over three decades; 35 years to be precise. It would be true to state that Gustavo Martinez has seen marketing and advertising space evolve. When he was starting out as budding professional in the industry, the internet was in its infancy while TV, Print, and Radio formed the cornerstone of advertising.

Today, this is not the case as Print and TV marketing and advertising are struggling to cope with the disruption brought about by the internet. But this does not mean that they have become irrelevant as major brands in the world are still using them as the foundation of their advertising needs.

During his career, Martinez has played a role while also overseeing the creation of iconic marketing campaigns that have gone to define modern marketing while also forming the foundation of modern pop culture. His involvement in yesteryears’ marketing space and his ability to bring creative concepts that befit the modern marketing space makes Gustavo Martinez’s input to any marketing or advertising strategy invaluable.

Walter Thompson Worldwide is one of the world’s largest and most iconic marketing firms. Very few marketing executives can claim to have partnered or worked with the firm in its advertising projects.

Gustavo Martinez being part of the crème of the world’s most exceptional personalities in the marketing and advertising industry, his services were in high demand and this led to his eventual hiring at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Martinez also worked at Price Waterhouse and Henkel before making his move to two other globally recognized marketing firms; McCann Worldgroup & Olgilvy and Mather.

Gustavo Martinez says that creativity is the raw ingredient from which iconic marketing campaigns are forged. And while you can come up with great idea by yourself, diversity makes great ideas legendary ideas therefore there is constant need to engage team members as their input help foment the greatest ideas and solutions.

One habit that makes Gustavo Martinez a highly productive entrepreneur is his ability to listen actively, making individuals feel important (through knowing their worth), and being generous. When engaging with people, Martinez always keeps an open mind because irrespective of who you are dealing with, everyone has something interesting to say.

If Martinez had the chance to offer his younger self advice, at the top of the list would be to tell himself to observe patience while also being eager to learn something from various talented individuals. One trend he finds fascinating while going about his professional life is the internet because of the promise it offers.

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