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The Greatest Contributors To The Popularity Of Oncotarget

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Impact journal has played a transformational role in the field of medicine through the weekly publication that is known as Oncotarget. The idea was born back in 2010, and the action has played a massive role in promoting access to information by physicians and other experts. The chief editors of the journal are Mikhail Blagosklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov. The impact of Oncotarget on the general society has been significant, and it has helped to bring breakthroughs on how research is undertaken. The objective of making weekly publications is to help other authors in the field of medicine have access to credible information so that when they are creating their releases, they can be able to use figures and critical data that has a backing.

The internet has very many sources of information that can be published by anyone. However, the credibility of information that is collected from any website is not usable in the field of science as there is a need for excellent precision.Various organizations have come out to support Oncotarget as a source of information, and one of them is the Gordon Research Conference. Other notable personalities who have contributed to the popularity of Oncotarget through the publication of their research work include Andrew Schally.He won a Nobel Peace Prize due to his contribution in developing cures for various ailments, and Carlo M Croce who works as the Chief Editor of Cancer Research. Schally successfully published 28 papers and Croce managed to release about 15 articles.

When great minds come together, then a lot can be achieved, and Oncotarget is greatly helping to bring all these people together to unlock answers to some of the most significant challenges facing humanity.Just as the name suggests, Oncotarget was started with the primary aim of tackling Oncology. However, the scope of Oncotarget has been expanded to cover topics such as Neuroscience, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Metabolism and other varying fields of study. Based on Reuters’ Impact Factor, Oncotarget is the best medical journal as it had managed to span over 11,000 cities within two years. It is quite clear that the journal is making a significant impact in the society, and more success is expected through the continuous publications.

Why Betsy DeVos Approaches Life in a Different Way

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It is a new world. In this age and time, people in high places are adopting ways of helping society through philanthropy. Wealthy individuals are deviating from their selfish tendencies and embracing trends that are meant to help society as a whole. One of the richest billionaires in town that we can relate to is Betsy DeVos. Betsy is not only an established entrepreneur but also a full-time reformer as well as a seasonal politician. Her humane ways have been the means through which the wife of Dick DeVos has been able to bring major transformations in communities across the United States. Born from one of the wealthiest families in the world, Betsy has had all handed to her on a silver platter. However, Betsy DeVos has also found a way of earning her riches through hard work. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The alumni of the Holland Christian High School, since her formative years, have had a passion for foreseeing that the education sector in America gets transformed. By her wealth, power, and influence, all if not of most of Betsy’s dreams have manifested in real time. As a strong Christian, Betsy has always found cracks in the education system of the United States of America. To this end, she and her husband Dick have joined hands and formed The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that has categorically provided institutions of learning with financial aid. Through philanthropy, Betsy has been mainly supportive of children coming from low-income families. Mrs. DeVos has been passionate about improving art and culture, education in general, the charter system, as well as leadership.

Betsy’s will to help others has been as a result of past events when she once witnessed parents from low-income families struggling just to give their children the opportunity to go to school. Touched from within, Betsy has struggled to realize the change in the education sector. Thanks to Betsy’s efforts, students can now learn beyond their zip codes. Above all, Betsy DeVos has strongly advocated for the charter system to get introduced in institutions of learning, and her husband’s West Michigan Aviation Academy is a testament to the same. Betsy’s political ambitions have not gone unnoticed. In the past, she offered her support to her husband Dick when he wanted to become governor. Betsy DeVos has also contributed generously to political causes, especially if they directly affect the Republican Party. At age 59, Betsy is the 11th Secretary of Education, a role given to her by President Donald Trump. Her appointment as the new secretary of education comes at a time when extreme reforms in the sector are needed. In my view, it is my belief that Betsy is the right person for the job. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The Continued Giving Of Betsy DeVos Is Cause For Admiration

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We can all look at those who provide funding for good causes and admire them for their decision to give back to the community, but the long term approach to philanthropy taken by Betsy DeVos is an act I believe should be applauded by every sector of society as she looks to help as many people as possible live better lives. I have been looking at the life and philanthropic choices made by this dedicated Calvinist who has devoted much of her adult life to tackling social issues and making a difference through political giving; I myself believe the work completed by both Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick in Michigan and across the U.S. should be cause for celebration among all groups who now have access to better school choice and voucher programs.

It is difficult to pin down the beginnings of the philanthropic work of Betsy DeVos, but her classmates at Calvin College have explained in interviews I have read that this Michigan born and bred philanthropist was always political in her views and actions. One school that appears to me to have played a major role in the philanthropic work completed by Betsy DeVos is the Potter’s House Christian School that is thought to have inspired the education reform work of this well known mother of four; I believe the drive to assist families in providing the best possible education for their children comes from the meetings Betsy DeVos has had with families forced to struggle economically in a bid to make sure their children attend a high quality school.

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I have obviously been impressed by the well known work undertaken by Betsy DeVos to publicize school voucher and choice programs across the U.S, including her ability to work with state and local politicians from across the political spectrum. What I believe is less well known are the choices of Betsy DeVos in providing funding for different good causes in Michigan and across the U.S.; Betsy DeVos and husband Dick have played a key role in the revival of the arts in Michigan with their backing of a number of causes, including the ArtPrize project that allows the public to vote on the winners of an annual arts contest held in Grand Rapids. Looking at the range of good causes backed by Betsy DeVos is illuminating for myself as it shows her devotion to the Christian faith and education from preschool through to a number of colleges and universities. Stay updated with Betsy on Twitter.

Dick DeVos And His Generosity

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While Dick DeVos is very generous, he is also very wise. He knows how to invest the money an effort so that he can increase the profits. The profits that he gains will go to many useful activities. For one thing, Dick DeVos is not a selfish person. He is someone who uses his money to the benefit of others. He is in fact someone that has a love for others to the point that he is not looking to give people handouts. He is also trying to help people figure out what they need to move forward in the case that they have hit hard times.


While Dick DeVos has run a few profitable businesses, his faith has led him to set up some foundations that are meant to help people in various circumstances. One foundation that he has set up is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation which he uses to give generously. He works and understands the principle that is better to give than to receive. He experiences the blessing that comes from giving and brightening the lives of others. This something that he finds a lot better than making tons of money. He consider the fortune that he has received to be a financial blessing.


Dick DeVos has shown himself to be a great steward of what he was given. He was very faithful with the little that he was given. As a result, he was blessed with a lot more. He has the understanding that everything he gains is for a purpose. Therefore, when he receives a lot of finances, it is so that he could bless people and bring forth the cause that he believes in. This is one of the reasons that Dick DeVos is actually one of the well respected people in the culture.