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End Citizens United Aims To Overhaul The Election Campaign Finance Laws In The US

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After a series of debates and a long-standing argument that whether the latest United States Presidential Elections were rigged or not, it has at least come to the light that there was some truth to the rumors. There was, in fact, a Russian company that was linked to Kremlin that ran some politically influenced Ads on Facebook. The political ads published by this Russian company had the motive to influence the election campaign of the United States. It points to the fact that the election based laws of the United States is either weak or the election machinery is too weak to have not filtered any influence from the foreign entity.

To ensure that the current United State’s President Donald Trump and his team has no connection with this Russian company that ran political ads on Facebook, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been appointed. He would be determining whether Trump has played any role in this episode or if he has any connections with this event. However, even though the reputation of Robert Mueller suggests that he would dive deep into the matter to find the truth, there are serious concerns as to whether the Washington would do the same or cooperate in ensuring that happens. As per the campaign finance laws in the United States, there is no limit to how much money an individual or an organization pumps into the elections.


It is this campaign finance law that the End Citizens United, a political action committee, is fighting against. End Citizens United wants to end this law as the flow of campaign money can sway the politicians to work for the interest of their donors rather than the country’s general population. It would create a bias in the judgment of the politicians and the way the government functions. The incident of Russian company intruding the United States’ election only indicates how vulnerable such a campaign finance law can make our country.

End Citizens United works with the grass root donors and does not take large sums of money from wealthy individuals or huge organizations, but thrives on the small donations given by everyday people. The End Citizens United PAC has also helped in bringing awareness about the campaign finance laws in the US among the uninformed public, and why it needs to be overhauled for the long-term benefit of the country. End Citizens United aims to overhaul the campaign finance laws in the future with the help of people’s support and by creating more massive awareness.

How End Citizens United Is Planning To Revolutionize American Politics

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Politics in the United States centers on two major parties; the Democrats and Republicans. Before, 2010, the political scene in the Unites States was controlled entirely by the American citizens since they are the ones who for a very long time have wielded power to elect leaders. However, problems started to arise in 2010 when a significant constitutional amendment took place, a major change that allows prominent businesspersons and wealthy individuals to rally support for their most preferred candidates.


Due to these legal adjustments, billionaires have indirectly gained the right to control American systems mainly because it is through their donations and influence that most political leaders are in power today. Since 2010, things have been going on a downward spiral. The billionaires together with their puppet leaders have done what is best suits them, while at the same time left American Citizens to suffer. As a result, service delivery to the everyday citizen has become a nightmare, and that is why End Citizens United has come about so as to advocate for the rights of minority groups.


End Citizens United is a movement composed entirely of citizens, a five-member board and leaders from all over the country who feel that the American citizens are getting undermined by their leadership day in, day out. It is a movement that plans to oust puppet leaders out of power. One way of achieving this is by seeking courtroom justice, so as to have the 2010 amendments done away. Since its inception, it has been able to sign some petitions so as to see to it that wealthy and influential people no longer have the upper hand in national politics.


Besides, End Citizens United has chosen to rally support and even fund leadership that has the interests of the American people at heart. By bringing more people into a place of authority, it will be able to indirectly present its positive agenda through its leaders to Congress, something that might lead to a reversal of the 2010 constitutional amendments. In the just concluded national elections, the End Citizens United movement was able to support some Democratic Party leaders, some of whom got elected.


If at all End Citizens United manages to get corrupt leaders out of power, it will have helped alleviate the suffering of the American people. Also, removing already compromised leaders from public office will mean that billionaires no longer have the power to control the affairs of the nation. Therefore, End Citizens United is more likely to gain the upper hand since it is exploiting all options at its disposal. As the years pass by, so does the number of its affiliated members increase.


George Soros Throws His Financial Support Behind Hillary Clinton

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George Soros has always been seen as something of a lightning rod for the mood of the richest in U.S. Democratic Party during a Presidential election cycle, which is why the provision of millions of dollars for the campaign of nominee Hillary Clinton by Soros has proven so important to many in the party. Hungarian born investment specialist Soros has recently made a return to the public eye by becoming active once again as a hedge fund trader, and for his vocal opinions given to the press about the political situation in the world; public records show George Soros has provided around $25 million in support for former Secretary of State Clinton and other Democratic causes.

During his investment career George Soros has become known as a man who is willing to gamble on the success of his gut instincts, which prompted him to gamble on the British currency on being devalued in 1992, a move that made Soros more than $1 billion on a day that became known as “Black Wednesday”. The decision to follow his instincts and support Clinton is one George Soros is reported to feel he should have done in 2008 when he instead chose to support President Barrack Obama’s election campaign; reports state George Soros has recently expressed his regret to Clinton over failing to back her 2008 campaign and has enjoyed an open door over policy with Clinton to discuss policy and international events.

George Soros has not limited himself to providing support for the Hillary Clinton campaign fund, but has also provided a large level of funding for Super PAC’s supporting Clinton’s campaign. Various Super PAC’s have been courting the 85 year old Soros to gain his financial support and gain the prestige that is associated with his patronage of any Super PAC; the $7 million George Soros has given to the Priorities USA super PAC supporting Clinton has been seen as a sign he is now willing to match the $27 million provided for Democratic candidates and causes in 2004. Aides close to George Soros have also reported he is considering a further donation of around $3 million in his bid to aid the eventual defeat of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Although George Soros is obviously concerned with the political situation in the U.S., his motivations for returning to the political arena include the need to make sure many political problems around the world are handled. Soros even decided to miss the Democratic Convention where former First Lady Hillary Clinton was nominated as the candidate for the Democratic Party as he was instead concerned with monitoring political issues in the Middle East and Europe.