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How End Citizens United Is Planning To Revolutionize American Politics

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Politics in the United States centers on two major parties; the Democrats and Republicans. Before, 2010, the political scene in the Unites States was controlled entirely by the American citizens since they are the ones who for a very long time have wielded power to elect leaders. However, problems started to arise in 2010 when a significant constitutional amendment took place, a major change that allows prominent businesspersons and wealthy individuals to rally support for their most preferred candidates.


Due to these legal adjustments, billionaires have indirectly gained the right to control American systems mainly because it is through their donations and influence that most political leaders are in power today. Since 2010, things have been going on a downward spiral. The billionaires together with their puppet leaders have done what is best suits them, while at the same time left American Citizens to suffer. As a result, service delivery to the everyday citizen has become a nightmare, and that is why End Citizens United has come about so as to advocate for the rights of minority groups.


End Citizens United is a movement composed entirely of citizens, a five-member board and leaders from all over the country who feel that the American citizens are getting undermined by their leadership day in, day out. It is a movement that plans to oust puppet leaders out of power. One way of achieving this is by seeking courtroom justice, so as to have the 2010 amendments done away. Since its inception, it has been able to sign some petitions so as to see to it that wealthy and influential people no longer have the upper hand in national politics.


Besides, End Citizens United has chosen to rally support and even fund leadership that has the interests of the American people at heart. By bringing more people into a place of authority, it will be able to indirectly present its positive agenda through its leaders to Congress, something that might lead to a reversal of the 2010 constitutional amendments. In the just concluded national elections, the End Citizens United movement was able to support some Democratic Party leaders, some of whom got elected.


If at all End Citizens United manages to get corrupt leaders out of power, it will have helped alleviate the suffering of the American people. Also, removing already compromised leaders from public office will mean that billionaires no longer have the power to control the affairs of the nation. Therefore, End Citizens United is more likely to gain the upper hand since it is exploiting all options at its disposal. As the years pass by, so does the number of its affiliated members increase.


George Soros Political Contributions

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George Soros, who scaled down on his political donations after contributing $27 million in the hopes of defeating President George W. Bush back in 2003, has now emerged as a top funder for Democrats. According to Democratic fundraising personnel and the Federal Election Commission records, Soros has contributed over $20 million to Democratic causes on His associates believe that Soros, who is estimated to have an estimated fortune of $24.9 billion, will help more as election nears.

People working close to the billionaire say he is more politically engaged than ever before and has high hopes in Clinton. On the other hand, he accuses Trump of fueling fears among the Americans. According to Michael Vachon, George Soros close political advisor, the billionaire has been consistent to common operations regarding financing. The stakes are now high because Soros has worked tirelessly for many years to support religious tolerance and immigration reform.

Soros willingness to spend millions to beat Donald Trump is a positive sign for the Democrats. George Soros’ contribution has helped the Democrats enjoy an enormous financial advantage, which allows Clinton to forge a solid campaign strategy that outclasses Trump’s. By the end of June, Soros had contributed at least $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a PAC that supports Clinton. Additionally, records also show that Soros added $2 million to opposition research that targets Trump.

Soros has donated or committed an extra $2 million to fund a mobilization group known as America Votes where donors are not disclosed. The motivations and giving patterns are somewhat similar to the year 2004, when Soros, who had a profound opposition to the Bush administration and the Iraq war, spent $27 million on liberal groups boosting John Kerry’s contest to Bush.

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That contribution, combined with Soros’ fiery rhetoric as he often compared Bush policies to the Nazis. The action often made Soros a target of malicious attacks from media outlets and conservative politicians referring to him as a communist, a puppet or worse. After 2004, Soros suggested that he will cut back on spending heavily on the political arena at

Instead, Soros has focused more on philanthropic endeavors. He has worked with several international foundations, donating over $13 billion in a span of three decades to defend fundamental human rights. He also aims at expanding education and health care access in different parts of the world.

In 2005, Soros was a key player in the launch of a club of liberal donors known as Democracy Alliance. It aimed at holding back cash from groups fighting interim electoral battles. Though Soros supported Obama over Hilary Clinton the presidential primary in 2008; he inclined more on the candidate who he considered was not more aggressive in implementing liberal priorities.