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Jim Hunt’s Commitment To Share His Stock Market Expertise Through VTA Publications

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Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and an executive leader. He is the chief executive officer of VTA Publications. He aims at using his expertise in the stock market to benefit other people. With many years of experience in the market, the financial expert has been able to gain valuable knowledge and insights. He has devised unique strategies that help him make safe and intelligent trading regardless of the market condition at His strategies have been tailored to ensure that the public can take advantage of a market bear and make money from it.

Jim Hunt and VTA have produced unique products such as Make Mum a Millionaire. Through the challenge, Jim shows his followers that it is easy to make money, especially when one has a sound strategy. The challenge involves an initial capital of $1000. The capital and returns are continuously re-invested until the total amount reaches $1 million. Jim uses Youtube videos and webinars to engage the public through every step of the challenge.

The idea of founding VTA came after Jim observed how the big investment banks work. After understanding their strategies, he decided to pass the information to the public. His efforts have provided the public with the first opportunity ever to make money in a bull market. VTA has produced tutorials, giving systematic procedure of what one needs to do in order to make money.

For Jim, clients’ needs drive him to create new solutions and products. He first listens to the various requirements of the clients. He then analyses the problems and looks at how they can be effectively solved. This process on usually involves the trader doing thorough research on a given subject matter. The solutions are tested further to ensure that they are effective.

About VTA Publications
VTA Publications is a publisher of distance learning content. Since 2012, many individuals across the globe have depended on the content published by the company to learn various skills such as stock trading. The information on about investing is available both digitally and physically and can be mailed to customers regardless of their locations. VTA publication is also known for innovative products such as Wealth Wave.