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Eric Lefkofsky Is Partnering Up With Other Cancer Tech Companies To Build The Ultimate Cancer-Fighting Software Platform

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Eric Lefkofsky started up Tempus with the purpose of creating the world’s largest database for fighting cancer. Recently, he partnered up with Precision Health AI as well as CancerLinQ, which both offer specific information and abilities that will help to further Tempus’s goals. CancerLinQ, itself, can provide a database with information on 600,000 patients that were treated, and Lefkofsky commented that the partnership will help Tempus to reach more cancer patients.

Tempus has already joined-up with a spread of different research hospitals and has grown its team to 300 strong in just two years of being in business. Its intelligent platform allows physicians to to offer their patients individualized care based on analytical data, and part of the way it does this is through looking deeper at patterns and the DNA and RNA of past cancer patients. While Tempus will gain a lot from the partnership with CancerLinQ, so will CancerLinQ. The main issue that CancerLinQ is having is that it cannot organize all of the data it is gathering, because the way the data is structured is not always consistent. On top of allowing Tempus to organize the data so it will have an actual impact, the partnership will provide much needed revenue for CancerLinQ.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus, and he hopes to make the fight against cancer less complicated than it is in today’s world. He also helped to found Lightbank, which is a company that invests in tech companies that are disruptive. Mr. Lefkofsky is heavily involved in his local community of Chicago and is a Board member of World Business Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and more. He also worked on a committee that was trying to make Chicago the home of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

As a philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky is always looking for a way to help people out. In 2006, along with his wife, he started up the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a charity that aims to improve people’s lives through a spread of initiatives and organizations that it supports.

Sam Boraie Breathes New Life into the Community

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Sam Boraie is a real estate developer who serves as the Vice President of Boraie Development. His company specializes in the urban development of residential, commercial, and retail areas in New Brunswick and other nearby cities in New Jersey. The company’s 30-year development track record impresses numerous clients, making it one of the most sought after development companies in the state. When he is not running Boraie Development, Sam volunteers his time at State Theater and Elijah’s Promise as a board member.

Boraie Development implements many residential and commercial projects that according to, will revitalize the urban areas. The Aspire contains both residential units and retail space. It is located near the New Brunswick train station and many shopping and dining destinations which make it easy for the tenants to spend their social time. One Spring Street is a 25- story luxury property that provides popular amenities such as health club and a swimming pool. It was the first major residential project in the city’s history. Boraie Development was also responsible for Albany Street Plaza, a building with two towers accommodating thousands of square feet of office and retail spaces. It was the first private urban development ever existed in downtown New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for State Theater. The events that his company has sponsored include the free summer movie events for children and adults alike. He also put in his time and money to ensure that the theater adequately serves 30,000 students every year with its outreach programs. He also serves on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise. According to Rutgers Magazine, it is a non-profit organization that provides food and other resources to fight hunger and poverty. It is not adequate to call it a food kitchen because it does more than just feed the homeless. It also operates culinary art schools, catering business, and the pay-as-you-go cafe. It assists low-income individuals and families in locating social and health services for their needs.

Boraie Development’s successful track record and its owner’s real estate experience help revitalize the urban area of New Brunswick. The company’s focus on ownership, development, and management of community projects makes it possible for The Aspire, One Spring Street, and Albany Street Plaza to provide excellent job and living opportunities for the residents. The philanthropic efforts improve the lives of the less fortunate and make social programs possible for the community.