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The Broad Celebrity Appeal of the Ancient Kabbalah Mysteries

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Just read the latest celebrity bios and devotion to Kabbalistic practice is sure to come up. Whether its this millennial age or the dawn of the scientific and philosophic revolutions, this form of mystical Judaism continues to attract followers from the most elite members of society.

Simply, the Kabbalah is an elucidated and personal means of understanding and putting into practice the deepest and most profound elements of the Jewish faith and its mysteries.

In this article we discuss the various reasons celebrities become involved with this ancient Jewish practice.

A common theme reported by Kabbalah practitioners is a greater sense of control over their lives. Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bernhard, Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears reported that their devotion to the practice gave them a sense of calm and the means to navigate the flux of unforeseeable challenges, which would devastate people without rooting in the Kabbalah, that affect their daily lives and learn more about Kabbalah.

For other celebrities, Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna the Kabbalah and Judaism represent something larger than themselves to which they are inexplicably drawn. The attraction of the Jewish patriarchs, understanding the law and the prophets and identification with a remarkable people, who have survived as a distinct culture against unimaginable hardship and odds, forever changes the meaning of their lives.

However, this transformation is not always permanent. As a transient convert, after a series of personal setbacks, Brittney Spears now identifies herself as Hindu. But for those who have experienced the profound transformation offered by Kabbalah, there is no turning back.

Madonna went on to start her own Kabbalah centers. Elizabeth Taylor became Hollywood’s most outspoken pro-Israel advocate. Sammy Davis Jr. stated outright that he was overawed by being a part of [Judaism] that was much bigger than himself and more information click here.

As a testament to the transformational hope that it offers, after abandoning the Christian beliefs of her fundamentalist foster parents, Marilyn Monroe became a devoted believer in the hope that the Jewish faith offered her, throughout her grief-filled life, until her dying day.

Kabbalah Center

Started in 1984 by Rabbi Berg, with the goal of making the mysteries of the Kabbalah accessible to a broader audience, the Kabbalah Center serves its world-wide followers through its local instruction centers and by its online resources.

Today, the center delivers hope to a world searching for spiritual truth.