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The Bid to Incorporate Olympic Valley Threat Fought Off Successfully

Published / by Alice

Andy Wirth, who is the current CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, shares his insight into the recent events that have plagued the Squaw Valley community and its residents. The Squaw Valley Holdings LLC is the holding company responsible for the Squaw Valley Resort which is known world wide as a top tourist destination.

Andy Wirth, who has been apart of the North Shore community on Lake Tahoe for many years has also been very interested in not only making this area more accessible to tourists world wide but also to improve the lives of all ages within the community. This community improvement has been very close to Andy Wirth’s heart as he finds himself involved in many boards and other business.

In recent years he also suffered from a near fatal sky diving accident which saw him almost loose his arm. The journey was a very tough one and has taken months for him to return to full use of his arm. During his journey he came to meet a group of Navy Seals that were stationed within plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley.

This interaction saw him return to prior health faster as their will for survival and brotherhood gave Andy Wirth the strength he required. He thanks them for their friendship through the sponsorship of the Navy Seal Foundation. This is done through the iron man team he launched in order to create awareness and raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

The Squaw Valley region has had a difficult last few years as both the weather conditions and incorporation threat has had the community and its business’s in an unsettled state. The weather in the recent years has not been favorable to the ski resorts as drought has been troubling the north shore Lake Tahoe areas.

This has not allowed for snow to properly form which is the main attraction in winter. The other issue is the threat of incorporation of the Squaw Valley. According to Andy Wirth this would not be beneficial to the area and could potentially raise taxes and reduce beneficial services which the community rely on.

Andy Wirth told the Reno Gazette Journal that there will be a change on both fronts. The incorporation was thankfully withdrawn and the change in weather conditions has allowed business’s to open weeks earlier than usual. Andy Wirth has further plans for the community to improve the real estate in the valley by constructing both commercial and residential properties.

This is apart of the overall improvement ideas he has for the Squaw Valley community that are close to his heart. The community needs to work together more.

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