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American Institute Of Architects VP Robert Ivy

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Robert Ivy serves as the Executive Vice President and CEO of AIA or American Institute of Architects. As one of the executives of the AIA, he has been an expert in the field of architecture. He is also someone who has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. In this article, everything you need to know about Robert Ivy will be featured.

Before Ivy became an architect, he took Bachelor of Arts Major in English at Sewanee: The University of the South from 1965 to 1969. He ended up as cum laude with a French minor. After a couple of years, he took Architecture at Tulane University and finished it in 1976.

Ivy became an editor and chief in the world’s leading architectural journal Architectural Record from 1996 to 2011. He is also the Vice President or the Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media from 1996 to 2011. The latter includes TGreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design. He became the Executive Vice President and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects last 2011. From 1981 to 1996, Robert Ivy was also a Principal at Dale.

Robert Ivy has been rewarded with numerous awards because of his contribution to the architectural world. One of his awards is the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. He also received 26 Jesse H. Neal awards, 7 Eddie and Ozzie Awards from Folio Magazine, and the MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year: Enthusiast on 2008. Ivy also received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award and is the first architect to do so. And last but not the least, Alpha Rho Chi named him a “Master Architect” last 2010 because of his ability to communicate the value of design. He and only seven architects are holding this title.

One of Robert Ivy’s works is titled “Fay Jones: Architect” where he wrote his authoritative biography that is now published in the third edition. The book is about Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice and was published in 2001 and is regarded with the highest standard by the Art Library Society of North America. He currently heads the American Institute of Architects, which as 87,890 members.

Why Betsy DeVos Approaches Life in a Different Way

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It is a new world. In this age and time, people in high places are adopting ways of helping society through philanthropy. Wealthy individuals are deviating from their selfish tendencies and embracing trends that are meant to help society as a whole. One of the richest billionaires in town that we can relate to is Betsy DeVos. Betsy is not only an established entrepreneur but also a full-time reformer as well as a seasonal politician. Her humane ways have been the means through which the wife of Dick DeVos has been able to bring major transformations in communities across the United States. Born from one of the wealthiest families in the world, Betsy has had all handed to her on a silver platter. However, Betsy DeVos has also found a way of earning her riches through hard work. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The alumni of the Holland Christian High School, since her formative years, have had a passion for foreseeing that the education sector in America gets transformed. By her wealth, power, and influence, all if not of most of Betsy’s dreams have manifested in real time. As a strong Christian, Betsy has always found cracks in the education system of the United States of America. To this end, she and her husband Dick have joined hands and formed The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that has categorically provided institutions of learning with financial aid. Through philanthropy, Betsy has been mainly supportive of children coming from low-income families. Mrs. DeVos has been passionate about improving art and culture, education in general, the charter system, as well as leadership.

Betsy’s will to help others has been as a result of past events when she once witnessed parents from low-income families struggling just to give their children the opportunity to go to school. Touched from within, Betsy has struggled to realize the change in the education sector. Thanks to Betsy’s efforts, students can now learn beyond their zip codes. Above all, Betsy DeVos has strongly advocated for the charter system to get introduced in institutions of learning, and her husband’s West Michigan Aviation Academy is a testament to the same. Betsy’s political ambitions have not gone unnoticed. In the past, she offered her support to her husband Dick when he wanted to become governor. Betsy DeVos has also contributed generously to political causes, especially if they directly affect the Republican Party. At age 59, Betsy is the 11th Secretary of Education, a role given to her by President Donald Trump. Her appointment as the new secretary of education comes at a time when extreme reforms in the sector are needed. In my view, it is my belief that Betsy is the right person for the job. Read more articles at about Betsy.

The Rise To Top Pay Of Energy Executive Tony Petrello

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The oil and gas market is a very fluid and capital-intensive industry. It becomes compelling to make strategic long-term human capital commitments.

Nabors Industries operates one of the biggest oil and gas drilling services from Houston, Texas, specializing in land-based drilling, well servicing and offshore rig management with significant global interests. In other words, if you are big oil, you come to Nabors to get your oil, gas and geothermal wells built and rigs setup.

Nabors prides itself in being able to deliver incomparable automation to drilling, vast experience in directional drilling and efficient rig management solutions. Its core portfolio includes the manufacture of drilling drives, oil well construction, rig installation and moving, rig instrumentation equipment and data services. Nabors Industries is publicly listed and operates an expansive infrastructure in the US, Middle East, Asia and Africa employing over 25,000 people and turning in well over $3 billion in yearly revenue.

Anthony Petrello is serving as the Board Chairman, President, and CEO of Nabors Industries since 2012. With over twenty years executive experience in the oil and gas industry, Tony recently made news as the tenth highest paid executive. For a good reason too. He has risen through the ranks to head the company and continued to steer it to the top of the leaderboard. A top ivy-league performer is starting back in school. Tony is a Harvard Law School law graduate and holds a Mathematics Masters from Yale University.

Previously he enjoyed the position of Deputy Chairman at the firm from 2002 to 2011. Tony has held other executive and operational posts at Nabors since joining them in 1991. Before Nabors, Tony worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie and is credited with rapidly growing the New York unit as its Managing Partner. With a focus on corporate law, international arbitration and taxation, it is easy to see the attraction to the oil and gas industry.

Tony is also associated with other institutions such as Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy. He is a passionate advocate for research into children’s neurological disorders and serves on the board of trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital.