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Career Opportunities Offered At Wessex Institute Of Technology

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The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is one of the finest research institutes in the U.K. Located in Ashurst Lodge near New Forest National Park, WIT officially opened in 1986 and is headed by Professor Carlos Brebbia.

People looking for careers at WIT have many options. First off, WIT is always on the lookout for researchers and professors to teach graduate students. The staff at WIT hire both recent PhD graduates and Senior academics to teach at their institute. There are many visiting professorships also available at WIT.  Based on

Many of the students who graduated from WIT easily find work as professors at some of the world’s finest scientific institutes. Just a few colleges that have hired recent WIT grads include Nottingham University and Brunel University London.

Editors and publishers are encouraged to apply for WIT Press. The WIT Press division publishes numerous well-respected scientific journals, conference transcripts, and monographs every year. WIT Press has offices both Ashurst Lodge and Massachusetts.

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