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Stream Energy: The Genius Company

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Stream Energy is a provider of wireless, home energy as well as protective services. The organization has been in existence for about twelve years. The company was originally founded as an electricity and natural gas firm.


Stream Energy is headquartered in Dallas Texas. The organization has experienced exceptional growth due to use of multi-level type marketing concepts. Mr. Robert Snyder is the original founder of Stream Energy. Stream Energy is fully licensed by the Texas Public Utilities Commission.


The company has expanded their operations and is now able to sell their products and services in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington DC. Stream Energy employees are permitted to receive compensation by direct selling or by recruiting new associates to their sales force.


In 2016, Larry Mondry was elected as Stream Energy’s new Chief Financial Officer. Mondry has an impressive resume as well as great knowledge within the field of energy and natural gas.


Stream Energy offers digital voice services which include unlimited calling features as well as updated safety alerts to keep your service secured at all times. These unique services enable you to keep connected to your home or place of business virtually any time of the night or day.


Wireless Services are offered as individual or shared plans. Services for individual plans now offer Wi-Fi Services for both Smartphones and iPhones. In addition, shared plans through Stream Energy enable you to operate up to five lines at one time. Best of all, Stream Energy’s wireless plans start at the low price of just $25.00 per month.


Stream Virtual MD offers quality care from Certified Physicians (Twitter). This service enables you to connect with a qualified physician instantly for a consultation. No waiting period or stressful dealings with the insurance company.


Stream Energy offers a one time renewal energy plan that can be accessed through their web site. Stream Energy has so very much to offer the consumer that is seeking sophisticated services in a world of computer technology.


Please visit The Stream Energy web site is updated on a regular basis. You can easily register for a personal on line energy account within minutes.

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