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Amicus Therapeutics Provides Solutions For Rare Disorders

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Amicus Therapeutics recently has its prescription drug approved called Galafold by Health Canada. This oral drug is used to treat a rare disease called Fabry disease. It is a disease that causes a defect in an enzyme in the body. This leads to an excess amount of fat in the body called Gb3 and G-L3. The drug will be available to Canadian patients (


This is a positive step for Canadians suffering from this disease said John F. Crowley, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. The company looks forward to making the medication accessible to other countries. The drug works by stabilizing the enzyme so that it clears the body of the fat buildup.


The drug was approved after several clinical trials. Dr. Daniel Bichet from the University of Montreal said that after years of treating a patient with Fabry disease he was glad to see the drug approved. There are many people that will benefit from treatment from this drug.


John Crowley, CEO of the company became a biotech entrepreneur to help his two children with a rare disease called Pompe disease. It is a neuro-muscular disease that can be fatal. He became involved in the industry when both children were diagnosed with the disorder. At the time there was no treatment or cures.


Their research leads to a treatment that both children have been on for a decade and lead to saving their lives. The company collaborates with organizations, doctors, patients, and caregivers. They listen and learn about the rare diseases from patients and caregivers. They do extensive research and always look for new and better therapies (Indeed). The company often use patients in clinical studies and help patients manage their daily activities.


The company staff is very passionate about the work they do. The will continue to come up with new innovative treatments for rare diseases in the future.

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Eva Moskowitz’s ‘Ed Institute’ aims to help teachers improve their schools

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When Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy in New York City, her goal was to improve the education for as many children in the city as she could. Not just any children, however, but predominantly low-income children of color.


Children who do not usually get the same educational opportunities as the more affluent ones do.


Fast forward 11 years and Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academy has not only opened 41 exceptional charter schools in New York City, she and her teachers are currently educating more than 14,000 children. Three more schools will be opened in the city in the next year.


They are also educating them to such a high level, Success Academy has just received the Broad Prize for being the best charter network in the country when it comes to exceptional academic achievements.


The Broad Prize comes with an award of $250,000. An award Eva Moskowitz says Success Academy will now use to create a new program for their high schools students to help them prepare for university.


But the mission of Eva Moskowitz is not just to improve the education of New York children. She also believes every child around America should have the same opportunities.


So, this month, she announced a new program called ‘Ed Institute’.


The program has been set up to help teachers in other charter schools around the country achieve the same exceptional results by offering them the Success Academy curriculum, as well as the educational tools and resources they use and their teaching methods.


All of this is being offered to them free of charge by Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, as they really believe any teacher, any school and any child can benefit from their methods.


To promote Ed Institute, Moskowitz also sent the Success Academy’s reading lessons to 15,000 school officials around the country, so they too could see what the Academy is doing and why they are so successful.

Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Gives Students A Leg Up

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What The Success Academy Does

The Success Academy is Moskowitz’s effort to give the students of NYC a chance to make something of themselves. So far, there are serious problems plaguing the public school system of NYC and she wants to do everything she can to get to the bottom of them and provide students with the best work environment she can give them. This is where her initial plan to change the NYC school system is all about.



How Public Schools Stack Up

Public schools in NYC are simply not in good condition. Average grade reports are dropping, students are often not involved in anything beyond class, and there simply aren’t enough students graduating and going off to college. The problems this entails down the road are going to become huge when these kids are forced to live in a world where they will need a college degree to compete. Eva Moskowitz decided she wanted to do everything she can to make sure that this problem is fixed and that the student sof New York City have a chance to make something of themselves.



What She Plans To Do Next

Eva Moskowitz is now one of the most prominent education advocates in New York City. She is doing just about everything she can to fix the world around her and to make things better for the next generation. She is currently interested in how she can use politics to make this happen and has even considered running for office. With regards to many other issues, she wants to make education front and center in her campaign. NYC parents understand that they kids aren’t always getting exactly what they need and she is able to change things for them.



About Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an education advocate focusing on the use of charter schools to make schools in New York City better. She has made a greater effort than just about anyone to make this happen and she has even made herself front and center in the fight for our children’s future.


Securing the Money Market Funds with Bruce Bent II

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When looking for profitable investment opportunities, most people always have to consider multiple options thanks to the many readily available opportunities in the market. Whereas every investment opportunity provides an investor with a chance to create more wealth, their degrees of risks greatly varies. Now thanks to money markets funds you can secure your future without having to worry much about its uncertainties.

As stated on Wikipedia, a Money market fund or money market mutual fund is a savings and investment opportunity that gives financial investors options to in short-term income securities such as commercial papers, treasury bills, and short-term bonds. These funds are meant to provide a safe investment opportunity to investors while providing better returns to their money as opposed to bank deposits. The money market is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and largely comprises of banks, mutual fund firms, brokerage companies and investors as the main players within the industry.

The money market fund was created in 1971 by Bruce Bent II’s father and his business partner.  According to Wikipedia sources, the two businesspersons set up the Reserve Fund as an option of saving their money while at the same time earning from it. This market characteristically helped grow the financial economy before facing stiff rivalry from other upcoming fund markets.

About Bruce Bent II
Bruce Bent II is an established expert and consultant when it comes to matters financial investment. Bent is a graduate of Northeastern University where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy. Currently, Bent holds a position in Double Rock Corporation as the Vice Chairman and President. Through the company, he has helped provide timely and innovative investment solutions to banks, broker-dealers, and individual investors.

Bruce bent is well known for the innovative service  and how he has helped the financial industry and economy. He has been a huge part of helping financial businesses and corporations find innovative and creative financial and cash-related services.

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New Program Enhances The Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Patient-Centric Approach

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At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), oncologists have a new tool in their fight against cancer, the Clinical Pathways platform. It incorporates new cancer therapies, nevertheless, the Clinical Pathways program provides oncologists with custom treatment options that are specific to their patient and which meet the CTCA’s standard of care. Physicians and their patients receive data that helps them select the best option. For patients, information on response rates, toxicity and more is available on the treatment platform; therefore, patients and their families can make informed decisions about which treatment regimen to pursue. Patients have access to the Clinical Pathways at all five of the CTCA’s locations.

Five Cancer Treatment Centers of America serve adults in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. People visit these locations from all over the world to take advantage of the CTCA’s state-of-the-art technologies and their integrated treatment plans, which include options to ease cancer-related side effects. While cancer patients may choose spiritual support or chiropractic care to help them deal with their cancer, CTCA offers a wide range of supportive therapies in their hospitals, saving patients from traveling to other practitioner’s locations for additional services.

According to this article, CTCA offer patients and their caregivers the opportunity to actively participate in decisions, and with the new Clinical Pathways platform, it is even easier for patients to compare options. Typical options include targeted chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery; however, CTCA offers clinical trials and genetic testing as well.

Accreditations include Joint Commission, National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, American College of Radiology and more, ensuring patients receive the highest quality care from the CTCA hospitals.

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