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Jaime Garcia Dias: The Voice Of An Emerging Literary Power House

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While few outside of Brazil have yet heard of, nor read the works of, the Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias, there is one thing that lovers of stark, deliciously phrased, and meticulously precise prose should be aware of: The works of this great modern author are gaining recognition and influence far beyond the confines of his homeland, and may well end up influencing a whole new world of writers well beyond the South American continent. For this reason, as well as many others, it pays to get acquainted with the works of this emerging new giant of world literature.

Who Is Jaime Garcia Dias?

Wikipedia shows that Jaime Garcia Dias was born in Brazil in 1970 to a well known author and journalist, Arnaldo Dias, and a respected architect, Dulce Garcia Dias. His highly respectable patronage thus placed him in an admirable position to embark upon a career that has seen more than its fair share of accolades and awards in a very short span of time. Indeed, since the beginning of his literary career just over two decades ago, Garcia has published nearly two dozen novels all of which found on his website, and many of them instant best sellers in his own country.

Garcia is a graduate of the extremely prestigious Curacao Academy of Brazilian literature, and has long been acknowledged as one of the true literary masters of his nation. Now, more than ever, the time is ripe for Dias to venture forth and conquer new worlds.

Dias Is On His Way To World Wide Acclaim

Although not all of his locally acclaimed works have received translation and world wide distribution like his paintings have, it is nonetheless true that a groundswell of international popularity is slowly but surely bringing Dias to the heights of acclaim. A handful of his works have received translation into international languages, and it is obvious that a writer of his quality cannot remain unknown for much longer. It is thus only a matter of time before Dias takes his rightful place among the acknowledged giants of world literature, complete with instant best selling status for his upcoming works.

Jaime Garcia Dias and The Writer’s Life

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Literary writers who are truly committed to their work are a special breed. They are creative spirits who don’t feel fully alive unless they are immersed in their work. These types of writers are typified by their creative output and the passion they put into their work. There’s no doubt that Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias is one such creative soul, and the good news for readers is that he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Though he is just 45 years old, Dias has already published an impressive body of work, and still regularly maintains a popular blog. He has already produced over 20 works of fiction, and his work has garnered stellar reviews and many major awards. Most recently had the great honor of receiving the ABC Award of Brazil for Literature.

Dias began his love of literature in childhood a subject he’s been interviewed about for Vimeo. He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in a family that loved literature and valued education. Both his mother, who was an architect, and his father, a writer, encouraged him to pursue his artistic vision and make it a reality. The great news is that he has spent his life living out their dream for him.

Along with his notable career as a writer, Dias is also an educator and a painter. He began teaching early on and taught for five years at the Carioca Literature Academy. The school is a prepatory school for students who want to purse a career in literature.

Dias credits many of the great writers of Brazil who came before him for keeping him inspired. One of his favorites is the great Jorge Amado. Amado’s long career was truly amazing in its endurance and in its impressive literary output.

Among Amado’s works, Dias cites “Captains of the Sands” and “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands” as his personal favorites. Both of these works show off the author’s engaging and whimsical spirit. It’s this quality that gives Amado’s work a truly timeless feel. The story of Dona Flor involves a woman who carrie on a relationship with the ghost of her dead husband, even while she is involved with man who is alive. The story was made into a popular film in the 1970s which won world wide acclaim.

As Dias continues on his own path to creative acclaim, the writers of old, and the words of his own family will continue to motivate and inspire him.